What is sustainable fishing

Who practice sustainable fishing undertake to respect the health of the sea through measures that protect his habitat, biodiversity and the long-term viability of the species hunted.
Sustainable fishing means RESPECT. Respect for marine fauna, through selective fishing techniques and responsible sourcing only from not overfished stocks, respect and support for fishing communities and for the consumer, respect for the environment through sustainable processing tools and ecological and recyclable packing.


What we do

Our sea is an extraordinary ecosystem we undertake to always defense, collecting only the resources needed and respecting a fully sustainability philosophy aimed at reducing waste and safeguarding marine communities and their habitats, in order to ensure this heritage to the future generations.
We consider it essential to use selective and safe methods and gears in order to minimize the accidental catch of immature fishes and other species and as a priority the defence the biodiversity of waters and sea bottoms.
Our commitment is complete and involves the entire production process:
• We use only selective fishing methods
• We observe the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
• We apply sustainable manufacturing methods
• We use ecological and recyclable labels and packaging
• We ensure transparency in the label
• We offer our support to the coastal fishing communities


Respect for the sea

The anchovies and the bluefin tuna we select for our Armatore products are cachted only in not overfished stocks, exclusively in the designed areas, in compliance with FAO guidelines and only during permitted fishing periods.
Purse seine fishing is a highly selective method that allows to take from the sea only the resources needed, to protect unwanted or non-targeted species from the accidental capture and to safeguard the sea bottoms.
We do not use FAD (Fishing Aggregating Devices) that have a highly impact on the marine ecosystem and are generally used in association with non-selective fishing techniques.
• Purse seine fishing
• Compliance with TACs – Total Allowable Catch
• Compliance with permitted fishing periods
Anchovies | 15 March – 15 October
Tonno rosso | 25 May – 30 June


Respect for the environment

Armatore defends the sea and take care of the the entire production process. Following this philosophy, the factory in which we work and store our products is self-sufficient thanks to renewable energy sources.
We also try to protect our planet choosing 100% recyclable packaging made of metals, glass and biodegradable and recyclable paper with FSC – Forest Stewardship Council label, which certified his sustainability thanks to the use of wood from certified sustainably managed forests.


Respect for people

We care about the health of the environment and the needs of the consumer, but among our main values there is the respect for people who work with us every day. We involve a large part of the coastal communities of Cetara which have been supporting themselves for decades with fishing, also keeping their collective identity alive.